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基本用途: Basic use:

Applicable to all types of printing information in plastic, film, tin, aluminum, paper and other materials on the printing. Such as the production date, expiry date, batch number, serial number, Chinese characters, bar codes, logo and other information printing.
Optional with conveyor belt equipment, to achieve product packaging and printing spray printing information.
May select the paging machine equipment, to realize the product packaging and printing of the printing information.
Can also be combined with the encoder, to achieve the spray printing information. (general online cable industry applications are more common)
Also directly on the packaging line. The electro-optical eye trigger signal in the desired printing process to complete the coding work of mobile.
Working principle:
核心工作原理: 在压力作用下,油墨进入喷枪,喷枪内装有晶振器,通过振动,使油墨喷出后形成固定间隔点,通过CPU的处理和相位跟综,通过充电极的一些墨点被充上不同的电核,在经过几千伏的高电压磁场下发生不同的偏移,飞出喷头落在移动的产品表面,形成点阵, 从而形成文字,数字或图形。其余的墨点不充电,不会发生偏移,直接射入回收槽,被回收再使用。
The core principle: under the pressure, the ink into the spray gun, spray gun is arranged in the resonator, through the vibration, so that the ink jet formed after fixed interval points, through the CPU processing and phase tracking, by charging some ink is very different with nuclear power, after several thousand volts under high voltage magnetic field the occurrence of different offsets, flying out of head falls on the surface of the product, the formation of mobile lattice, thus forming the text, graphics or digital. The rest of the ink is not charged, will not happen offset, directly into the recovery tank, is recycled and then use.
Technical parameter:
喷嘴直径:            60μm
电压规格:            AC100-240V,50Hz/60Hz
参考尺寸:            约420(L)*275(W)*535(H)(mm)
喉管长度:             3M
净    量:            约21KG
毛    重:            约33KG
最大喷印速度@5X5:    约450m/min
喷印点数:            1-26点
喷印行数:            1-4行
喷印距离:            2-20mm
工作温度:            0-45℃
相对湿度:            <95%不结露
功    率:            约60W
IP 等 级:            IP55


Nozzle diameter: 60 m
Voltage specifications: AC100240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Reference size: about 420 (L) *275 (W) *535 (H) () (mm) ()
Throat length: 3M
Net weight: about 21KG
Gross weight: about 33KG
Max jet printing speed @5X5: about 450m/min
Spray printing points: 26 - 1 points
Spray into the number: 1 - 4
Spraying distance: 2 - 20mm
Working temperature: 045 C
Relative humidity: <95% condensation
Power: about 60W
IP level: IP55
Support bar code printing and SD storage card

产品特点: Product features:

3. 易学易用。简洁的操作界面,人机对话轻松,菜单式系统分步引导,轻松方便
4. 智能墨盒。即插即用,耗材智能识别,高利用率和余量提醒。环保且高附着力
5. 外观简洁。采用全不锈钢防尘机箱设计,简洁大方,经久耐用。IP55的防护等级有效防止灰尘进行机箱内,造成工作异常
6. 集成系统。集成化的墨路系统,方便维护和稳定的墨水压力供给系统。给客人完美的喷印效果
7. 独特的喷头。喷头的恒温设计,大幅度提高墨滴的充电准确性,提高喷印质量
8. 360°全方位喷印。适应任何角度的喷印

9. 来自英国。源自欧洲的的顶级设计,稳定可靠

1 wide range of application. To meet the food industry, beverage industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, chemical industry, chemical industry, building materials industry, pipe industry, paper industry and chemical industry, tobacco industry and other industries use requirements
2 high efficiency and stability. High speed jet printing speed and stability of the whole machine performance, competent for a variety of harsh working environment
3 easy to learn and easy to use. The simple operation interface, the man-machine conversation is easy, the menu type system step by step guide, easy and convenient
4 smart cartridge. Plug and play, supplies intelligent identification, high utilization and margin reminder. Environmental protection and high adhesion
5 appearance concise. Full stainless steel dust chassis design, simple and generous, durable. The protection level of IP55 can effectively prevent the dust inside the chassis, resulting in abnormal working
6 integrated system. Ink system integration, convenient maintenance and stable pressure ink supply system. To give guests the perfect spray printing effect
7 unique nozzles. The constant temperature design of the nozzle, greatly improving the accuracy of the ink droplets, and improve the quality of jet printing.
8.360 degree full range jet printing. Adapt to any angle of the jet printing
9 from the uk. From Europe's top design, stable and reliable

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